My love affair with Nepal continues.Nepal is a beautiful country filled with kind and generous people. I have been going to Nepal for several years now. I'm involved in fund raising for Glory English Secondary School in Bhaktapur. I have a large extended Nepalese "family" who I treasure and have been invited to several of their weddings.

I have been learning Nepali and have been teaching English to the local Nepalese community in Swindon. 

Here are some photos of me out and about in Nepal. The children are from Glory School and the dances are part of the Dashai Festival held at the school. So full of bright vitality!

School materials bought with generous donations collected in response to the Nepalese earthquake being distributed to the pupils of Glory School

Copies available at £5 each, all proceeds to the school - contact me.

Life moves on. The Sabina and Punte radio programme in Nepal has ended but my love affair with Nepal has not. I still write children's stories, make mosaics, write poetry and fiction. My first love remains literary translation and I enjoy the challenges of academic translations (French to English). I've also become involved in film subtitling. 

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