Nepal is a beautiful country filled with kind and generous people. I have been going to Nepal for several years now. I'm involved in fund raising for Glory English Secondary School in Bhaktapur and have supported the establishment of a children's radio programme, Sabina ra Punte Hatti to reach the more remote communities.

Here are some photos of me out and about in Nepal. The children are from Glory School and the dances are part of the Dashai Festival held at the school. So full of bright vitality!

School materials bought with generous donations collected in response to the Nepalese earthquake being distributed to the pupils of Glory School

Copies available at £5 each, all proceeds to the school - contact me.

As you can see from this website I have a variety of interests. I love languages and translating. I adore making mosaics. I'm thrilled to create children's stories and the accompanying illustrations. I'm proud of being able to help so many Nepalese children through my work with Glory School, my books and the Sabina ra Punte Hatti radio programme. I feel very strongly that education in all its holistic forms should be available for children throughout the world. I have chosen to focus on the children of Nepal.

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