Sabina ra Punte Hatti (Sabina and Punte Elephant) is a radio series broadcast in Nepali through local stations in Nepal. It is aimed to fill a gap in the provision of children orientated programmes in Nepal. The stories are based on my children's books and adapted for radio. Our aim is to give Nepali children their own programme which deals with the issues young people face today in a changing society. Through stories children learn to use their initiative, deal with problems, have adventures and learn life skills.


Here's the link to the Sabina ra Punte Hatti's radio programme Facebook:


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As you can see from this website I have a variety of interests. I love languages and translating. I adore making mosaics. I'm thrilled to create children's stories and the accompanying illustrations. I'm proud of being able to help so many Nepalese children through my work with Glory School, my books and the Sabina ra Punte Hatti radio programme. I feel very strongly that education in all its holistic forms should be available for children throughout the world. I have chosen to focus on the children of Nepal.

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