Sabina ra Punte Hatti (Sabina and Punte Elephant) was a radio series broadcast in Nepali through local stations in Nepal. Its aim was to fill a gap in the provision of children orientated programmes in Nepal. The stories were based on my children's books and adapted for radio. It ran for over a year and helped Nepalese children, especially in the aftermath of the earthquake in 2015 which claimed the lives of over 9,000. We left a legacy of encouraging young people to learn to use their initiative, deal with problems, have adventures and learn life skills.


Here's the link to the Sabina ra Punte Hatti's radio programme Facebook:


Sabina Jingle Flash Clip

Life moves on. The Sabina and Punte radio programme in Nepal has ended but my love affair with Nepal has not. I still write children's stories, make mosaics, write poetry and fiction. My first love remains literary translation and I enjoy the challenges of academic translations (French to English). I've also become involved in film subtitling. 

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